About the Open Planets Foundation

The Open Planets Foundation (OPF) has been established to provide practical solutions and expertise in digital preservation, building on the research and development outputs of the Planets project.

The OPF’s mission is to ensure that its members around the world are able to meet their digital preservation challenges with a solution that is widely adopted and actively being practiced by national heritage organisations and beyond.

The OPF believes that establishing digital preservation practice requires an open community that actively shares best practice and is able to apply group learning.

OPF founders foresee that making tools available under an open source licence where and when possible will stimulate the adoption of the digital preservation practice.

OPF solutions are available to all organisations and OPF foresees that hundreds of organisations will make use of them.

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Board of Directors
Joining OPF allows members to take advantage of work by experts in the field and some of the most prestigious research and memory institutions in Europe. The members elect the Board of Directors and directly influence the OPF’s strategic plans.

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Technical and Architecture Advisory Board
The Technical and Architecture Advisory Board provides technical leadership and ensures that a core set of OPF tools and practices will be deployable for all member organisations.

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Using the Open Planets approach, OPF members can:

  • Make informed and accountable preservation decisions, based on the best available evidence.
  • Assess the preservation needs of your organisation, collections and users.
  • Build, evaluate and execute plans to address any problem areas.
  • Analyse and verify the results.
  • Help to create the evidence base about preservation tools and their behaviour.
  • Take advantage of tools and services for your preservation planning, characterisation, conversion, migration, emulation and database archiving activities.
  • Access stable hosted digital preservation services on-line.
  • Test and evaluate digital preservation approaches prior to implementation without the need to configure hardware or install any software.

Training and Advice

  • Keep pace with peers by staying up to date with best-practice digital preservation policy and approaches.
  • Stay abreast of developments in this fast-evolving area, via horizon scans and customised reports.
  • Receive discounted training and advice.


  • Shape on-going investment in the next generation of OPF technology.
  • Take part in new R&D projects and partnerships.


  • Benefit by sharing experience and exchanging know-how in a community of experts.
  • Work with world leaders in digital preservation.
  • Be a member of the growing OPF community.