Let the imagination work!

During the event in Braga (see Pauls blog)  many nice examples were gi ven of technical solutions that are currently under development in SCAPE, showing that an intelligent combination of existing technical features (sometimes developed in other domains) can be transformed into tools that support digital preservation in the broadest sense. Broad because  not only focused on stuff that is already in the digital archive. But very much on the preparatory phase. Here digital preservation people are faced with new materials that they need to judge on several aspects (what is it, does it contain risks etc.). By carefully analysing the material, they take care that only the best will be ingested in the digital archive. Take for example a tool that helps to discover duplicates, missing images and corrupted images in a large collection of digitized material by making a visual comparison. The reported results will help the organisation to do a quality control and only preserve the best.  The need for these tools was fed by real life stories of digital archives that were faced by receiving digital duplicates from different sources . But it might well be that  this tool could also be used for other issues, for example related to “authenticity”. To let the imagination get to work and to find more situations to apply these tools, we need more stories. User stories that tell about the problems the archives are faced with in the preparatory phase and how they think to solve them. Basic activities. Combining these stories with advanced technologies can contribute to practical digital preservation, based on ” the best of both worlds”.

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