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Many factors contribute to the long-term preservation of and access to digital collections. And typically, the endpoint for this material is a repository—or other type of preservation system. But what happens to content after it is stored? How do digital preservationists ensure that content is correct and valid when ingested as well as remains unchanged […]

By caylinsmith, posted in caylinsmith's Blog

23rd Jan 2017  12:57 PM  2793 Reads  1 Comment

Monitoring the environment is an essential task of the adaptability of a system and is very important for digital preservation. The SCAPE Automatic Watch Component will do just that, and the design of the component architecture has just been released at: D12.1 – Preservation Watch Component Architecture Draft The component will allow answering of questions […]

By lfaria, posted in lfaria's Blog

3rd Feb 2012  2:52 PM  10664 Reads  No comments