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Recently at the iPRES 2014 conference in Melbourne I gave a presentation on the SCAPE Preservation Policies.  Not only I explained  the SCAPE  Preservation Policy Model , but I also summarized my findings after analysing 40 real life preservation policies. You can read the detailed information in my article (to be published soon). Basically I […]

By Barbara Sierman, posted in Barbara Sierman's Blog

20th Oct 2014  7:30 PM  10948 Reads  No comments

As part of the scape project, we did a large-scale experiment and evaluation of audio migration using the xcorrSound tool waveform-compare for content comparison in the quality assurance. I did a presentation of the results at the demonstration day at the State and University Library, see the SCAPE Demo Day at Statsbiblioteket blog post by […]

By BoletteJurik, posted in BoletteJurik's Blog

30th Sep 2014  10:32 AM  13360 Reads  No comments

Some time ago Will Palmer, Peter May and Peter Cliff of the British Library published a really interesting paper that investigated three different JPEG 2000 codecs, and their effects on image quality in response to lossy compression. Most remarkably, their analysis revealed differences not only in the way these codecs encode (compress) an image, but […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

26th Sep 2014  1:06 PM  16519 Reads  3 Comments

Now that we are entering the final days of the SCAPE project, we would like to highlight some SCAPE Quality Assurance tools that have an online demonstrator.   See for the following  tools:   Pagelyzer: Compares web pages Monitor your web content.   Jpylyzer: Validates images JP2K validator and properties extractor.   Xcorr-sound: Compares audio […]

By MelanieImming, posted in MelanieImming's Blog

23rd Sep 2014  2:12 PM  10564 Reads  No comments

Who are you? My name is Ed Fay, I’m the Executive Director of the Open Planets Foundation. Tell us a bit about your role in SCAPE and what SCAPE work you are involved in right now? OPF has been involved in technical and take-up work all the way through the project, but right now we’re […]

By Jette Junge, posted in Jette Junge's Blog

23rd Sep 2014  12:21 PM  11269 Reads  No comments

It is difficult to write that headline. After nearly four years of hard work, worry, setbacks, triumphs, weariness, and exultation, the SCAPE project is finally coming to an end. I am convinced that I will look back at this period as one of the highlights of my career. I hope that many of my SCAPE […]

By Ross King, posted in Ross King's Blog

23rd Sep 2014  12:11 PM  10709 Reads  No comments

Over the last three and a half years, the SCAPE project worked in several directions in order to propose new solutions for digital preservation, as well as improving existing ones. One of the results of this work is the SCAPE preservation environment (SPE). It is a loosely coupled system, which enables extending existing digital repository […]

By jmaferreira, posted in jmaferreira's Blog

19th Sep 2014  1:51 PM  11402 Reads  No comments

On Monday 8 September 2014 APARSEN and SCAPE together hosted a workshop, called ‘Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Policy Level’. The workshop was held in connection with the conference Digital Libraries 2014 in London. The room for the workshop was ‘The Great Hall’ at City University London – a lovely, old, large room with […]

By Jette Junge, posted in Jette Junge's Blog

18th Sep 2014  5:52 AM  12134 Reads  No comments

On September 8 the SCAPE/ APARSEN workshop Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Level was held at London City University in connection with the DL2014 conference. Attached to the workshop Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Level SCAPE and APARSEN launched a competition:   Which message do YOU want to send to the EU for the future of Digital Preservation projects?   […]

By MelanieImming, posted in MelanieImming's Blog

11th Sep 2014  3:39 PM  10979 Reads  No comments

We recently posted an article on the UK Web Archive blog that may be of interest here, User-Driven Digital Preservation, where we summarise our work with the SCAPE Project on a little prototype application that explores how we might integrate user feedback and preservation actions into our usual discovery and access processes. The idea is […]

By Andy Jackson, posted in Andy Jackson's Blog

28th Aug 2014  8:53 PM  13197 Reads  No comments