Lifetime Personal Membership Awards

OPF lifetime personal membership awards recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Foundation and our community. The awards were launched in June 2020 as part of our tenth-anniversary celebrations.

Lifetime personal members enjoy a range of benefits including eligibility to join the member mailing list, priority registration for OPF events, opportunities to consult on select projects, and more. Lifetime members act as ambassadors for OPF by disseminating information about the Foundation and our work throughout the community. Recipients are encouraged to share their insights and experience on the OPF blog and through our webinars, and occasionally, they are invited to speak at our events, contribute to OPF initiatives and act in an advisory role.


Adam Farquhar

Adam was Scientific Director of the Planets project which led to the establishment of the OPF. He founded and developed the OPF to become a stable, viable organisation, and demonstrated strategic leadership on the OPF board of directors between 2010 – 2016 (chair 2010-2013).

adam f

The OPF has come to play a prominent and valued role in the digital preservation landscape. I’m honoured to be among the first recipients of this award. Having established the organisation over a decade ago and serving as its first Board President, I’m really proud when I look over its accomplishments and see the strong team that leads the OPF today – Adam Farquhar

ross_king cropped

Ross King

During his period of strategic leadership on the OPF board of directors between 2010-2019, Ross led the OPF through a period of change as it matured. He oversaw vital milestones such as software adoption, the development of our sustainability and membership model, hiring new staff and the foundation’s change of name. His work was crucial in increasing the visibility and impact of OPF and growth of the community.

It was an honor to be a founding member of the OPF and to guide it through some of its formative years – and now a great pleasure to see how it has become a sustainable organization that so well serves the digital preservation community – Ross King

Barbara Sierman

Barbara is a leader in digital preservation policy development and has a long-standing personal commitment to collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the field. During her tenure on the OPF board of directors between 2015-2020 (and as chair from 2017-2020), she offered invaluable guidance and support, providing vital leadership for the foundation through a period of growth and development.

20150401A_Barbara Sierman_03


Gold and silver OPF members can nominate an individual to receive a personal lifetime membership award. Nominations are open throughout the year and the awards will be presented at the OPF annual general meeting (AGM). All nominations will be reviewed by the board of directors, who will vote on the recipients ahead of the presentation.

We invite nominations for individuals who are long-standing supporters of the Foundation and have helped advance OPF’s mission, vision and values. The criteria for nominees is broad, and individuals may have:

  • Shown strategic leadership
  • Made notable technical or documentation contributions to our products
  • Demonstrated a commitment to disseminating knowledge and best practices through OPF channels such as our blogs and webinars
  • Championed the Foundation and our work

Nominations will be accepted for individuals who are not affiliated with a current OPF member organisation.

Nominations should highlight the most important achievements of the candidate and make clear their contribution to the Open Preservation Foundation community. Nominations should be submitted by email to [email protected] with the subject line ‘nomination for the OPF personal lifetime membership award’.

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